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The Porn Industry with Kelli Lox & Becca Benz (trans stories)

I started modeling in college for art classes and I loved it and I think there's partly because I just love art like I love to draw and like I would go around and look at everybody's drawings, I'm like that TRANSEXUAL WOMAN. It was really really cool and I'm good. Also, I just like being naked in front of people so a few years ago. I realized that I missed modeling, and so I had a friend that took some photos of me and I turned out really nice and he helped me start a modeling page and I started getting off for us to do like she's, like trade, shoots, some paid shoots And then a couple offers like, would you be willing to do this in this industry TRANSEXUAL PORN? Would you be willing to do this like and all of a sudden I was like I'm I'm touching the porn world.

You know, and I was like if I say yes, these things - I need a porn name. You know there's obviously like a social cost. You know like what do people find out and then like once you make that choice to do it TRANS PORNSTARS. You have to just let that go if it actually took me a while to decide to do porn, because I figured once I did before and I was sort of. I would lose any opportunity to ever get a normal job in mainstream society and that it's a time I felt like if I did four and I would sort of lose standing within the trans community, because there's still such a stigma about porn, I decided to do It because it was a good opportunity and I felt it could possibly lead to opening more doors SHEMALE PORN.

So I did my first shoot and I was totally nervous but managed to get through it. Society has a stereotype about people do porn, or you know, uneducated, a little life type people and you know nothing can be further from the truth PORN TRANS. I mean there have been a lot of genuinely good people helping me as a person. I mean I've gained so much self-confidence and that's that's changed my life in so many ways. There'S a huge cost to getting into porn and one of difficult ones is dating people who aren't important, because people have the this vision of dating a porn star that ends up being not reality for them, because I mean I've seen it a million times that all Of a sudden they're like what yeah you're going out to PERFECT TGIRLSsomebody else for the next couple of hours and then you're coming and like people think that they'll be cool with it and then they're.

Just not my oldest son knows he's really close and he's he's pretty much okay with everything, and he trusts me, and so he knows we can talk about it LADYBOY THREESOME. I haven't told my youngest son, just cuz he's been busy with his life and me. The opportunity really hasn't presented itself to where I can sit down and talk to the challenges is telling the rest of the family. My mother is very conservative and Republican, and it was. It was difficult for her to accept me as trans FUTANARIS, which you know she did, and she loves me for who I am that I somehow don't think she'll be okay with the fact that I do porn.